Thursday, November 20, 2014

Will GOP Punish Jeff Sessions for His Crediblity?

Limbaugh: Is Senate GOP Leadership Weakening Jeff Sessions Influence for His Obama Opposition?

GOP can't have anyone with credibility being a spokesperson.
That exposes the GOP "leadership" of following the accepted Obama and "Media" policy of no Credibility.
Obama has no credibility in Iraq, Afghanistan, Health Care, Immigration, etc.

GOP has no credibility of stopping an Illegal Precedent with a false SS# by holding him accountable for consistently lying re Benghazi, Health Destruction, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.

Why would Emperor Obama follow the law when the GOP, following Obama's lead, thinks they can surrender before the battle and still win?

The only wins Obama has is against the GOP, the American Citizen, and The Constitution.

Will the GOP ever realize that their policies of surrendering their Constitutional responsibility to Libs (Dems and "Media") will never stop them?

Name one Despot that has ever stopped without force.  This Despot surly won't.

A Senator once told me "he had to vote (with the 50+ Dems) for Cloture before he could vote against ObamaCare.   I admit to being a Stupid Voter but are We the Voters stupid because we are lied to by the "Media," Congress and This Precedent?

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