Thursday, February 12, 2015

Demand for correction and apology sent to Wash Times by Attorney Orly Taitz

Demand for correction and apology sent to Wash Times in regards to false reporting on pleadings by Attorney Orly Taitz :

You were correct in stating that my brief was accepted as Amicus Curiae, meaning Friend of the Court.

You were wrong however, and committed journalistic malpractice in
claiming “Orly Taitz, a lawyer who has previously challenged Mr. Obama’s
birth, arguing despite evidence to the contrary that he is ineligible
to be president.” In reality no court has adjudicated the issue of
Obama’s eligibility on the merits. Several judges ruled that they did
not have jurisdiction to rule on the merits or that this is a political
question to be decided by Congress. There are several eligibility cases,
which are still lingering in several courts around the nation. All the
evidence, that was submitted to court, as can be seen in the file
attached herein Table of evidence of forgery, fraud and fabrication in Obama’s IDs,
shows that Obama is using a Connecticut Social security number
042-68-4425, which was never assigned to him and was actually assigned
to a citizen of Connecticut Harry J. Bounel, born in 1890, immigrated to
US in 1912 and presumed to be deceased without heirs. Additionally,
attached file contains  a sworn affidavit from a Chief Investigator of
the US Coast Guard, Stephen Jeffrey Coffman, who attests that Obama’s
selective service certificate is a flagrant forgery containing a
fabricated 1980 cancellation USPS  stamp. Further, multiple affidavits
from experts and top government officials showing flagrant forgery in
other IDs.
Just the Facts Mam, Just the Facts!

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