Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hill-R-We Slogans Unlimited

Hill-R-We Slogans Unlimited:

Hill-R-We--"Better than O"
Hill-R-We--"Not O"
Hill-R-We--"Like O, but NOT"
Hill-R-We--"Couldn't be worse than O"
Hill-R-We--"Don't go by my "record" just believe what you (want to) hear"
Hill-R-We--"Two for One"
Hill-R-We--"Bill's Back, and the First (and Third) Black President"
Hill-R-We--"I'm your Man"

Ban the "Real NEWS"
Hill-R-We is going to be too much of a Climb-even for the Soros "media."

Watching Hill-R-We run against a Pack of Competent Patriots--This is going to be so much fun!

Count me in.
The Real Hill-R-We supporter to be the Dems' Candidate for 2016 (and beyond).

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