Thursday, December 4, 2014

Boehner Crafts Surrender Plan on Obama Executive Amnesty

Boehner Crafts Surrender Plan on Obama Executive Amnesty

Boehner Surrenders, Again!

Superior Path, Not Taken:
...superior plan: funding a very short-term continuing resolution to fund
the government through January, allowing Republicans to take over the
Senate; funding each department of the government separately, rather
than through omnibus packages, thus delinking funding for President
Obama’s immigration program from funding for other programs. That would
allow Republicans to have separate discussions and conversations over
each department, rather than lumping all spending together and allowing
President Obama to leverage a lack of funding for one program against
all programs. This is, in fact, the strategy embraced by conservatives
ranging from Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who
explained, “The voters understand that the cavalry is coming. Why in
the world would you want to extend a CR, a funding bill, for several
months out? Why not wait for those people to get here?”
The Republic is at stake when you have Rulers with Ethics like Boehner and Obama on Par with each other.

They Think We're Stupid, and we must be, to allow them to continue to give up the only leverage they have with a Lawless Regime, the Leverage of the Purse and Impeachment.

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