Friday, December 19, 2014

Did North Korea Hack Sony? Or China?

Did North Korea Hack Sony?

But deterrence is not just about punishment; it is also about denying
the effectiveness of future attacks. While the details of North Korean
cyber threats are uncertain, the United States and its allies should
seek to monitor, attack and disable North Korean hacking capabilities.
There is evidence that North Korean hackers work from China and use
Chinese IP addresses. If this is true, then China's role should be
publicly revealed and it should be pressured to terminate this
Sony is a Japanese Co., China is at war with Japan, N Korea can use the prestige, and Our Regime can increase control over internet, blame N Korea which isn't as significant as China, divert attention from attacks by China, and China increases it's Cyber Warfare capability while attention is diverted to N. Korea.

It's a Win for China, a Win for N Korea, and a Win for anti-American Rulers including Obama.