Monday, December 22, 2014

Judges Tip Appeals Courts to Democrats--Big Time

Obama judges tip appeals courts to Democrats - The Washington Post

This report was as of May 2014.  Reid has sense confirmed many many more corrupt judges.

Courts, like most every branch of government, can not be counted on to uphold Congressional Law or The Constitution and rein in this Tyrannical Government.

You are witnessing a Tyrannical Government run unchecked.

When you can't count on The Media to cover the corruption, and the "opposing party" surrenders from the outset, you know The Regime is UNCHECKED and so do they.

The Real Question is:  Who is this Regime really working for and who is calling the shots?  Is it Iran, China, Russia, Cuba, etc.?  It obviously is a Marxist, Socialist, or Communist belief.

Looks like the only solution is Article V State Conventions, or another World War.

Looks like it's out of citizens hands at this point.

It has to be a proud day for Frank Marshall Davis and his offspring.

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